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Nina Nastasia & Jim White

A collection of songs written by Nina Nastasia and Jim White of The Dirty Three. Nina’s rare gift of a voice produces hook laden songs about love, longing and loss, whilst Jim White’s songwriting – made famous recently by working with the likes of Will Oldham, Nick Cave and Smog – produces a rare songwriting talent, creating a duel and duet between artists.


Recorded & Mixed by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago
Mastered by Steve Rooke
All songs written by Nina Nastasia
Nina Nastasia — vocals, guitar, record producer, editing and arrangements
Jim White — drums, percussion, production, editing and arrangements
Kennan Gudjonsson — production, editing, arrangements,
DLT – package artwork and design
Jos A. Smith — cover image, “The Windblown Rider At the Lake of the Stars

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